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Baptisms, Marriages

and Funerals


St Laurence's is a parish church which means we love to serve the people of this area at some of the keys points in life. 



If you live in the parish and would like to have your child baptised then please do get in touch.(To check if you live in the parish then click here.)


Baptism has sometimes been thought of as a "naming ceremony" or a spiritual insurance policy. In the Church of England, Baptism is understood as the first step on a lifelong journey of Christian faith. It looks forward to the development of a person's relationship with a loving God through membership of the Christian Church. It requires of those bringing children for baptism a commitment to regular worship, a willingness to learn more about prayer and Christian faith, and to Christian living.



If you live in the parish then you are legally enitled to get married at the church if you have been baptised.  (To check if you live in the parish then click here.)


There are other ways to enable you to marry at the church which are too complicated to explain here! Please do get in touch. 



The church is available for funerals, particularly of those who live in the parish. Please do get in touch. 

Unfortunately we are not legally allowed to have anybody buried in the churchyard or to allow people to scatter ashes here. 


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