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This is page contains resources to help you in your walk with Christ. 



The bedrock of becoming more like Jesus is to talk with God. There are so many online resources and apps which we can use on the go, in the home or even a 5 minute toilet break at work!!


Bible Study

The Bible is the Word of God. It is one of the ways that God speaks to us. The challenge is that it was written thousands of years ago to a culture very different from our own and so trying to understand it is difficult. We shouldn't be daunted. If we ask God to speak to us through the Bible then He will. If you want to go a bit deeper here are a couple of resources to help. 



We all know that we are called to evangelise. Yet we so often find it difficult. Here are some resources aimed at evangelists and non-evangelists. 


Below are some links to daily prayer and Bible reading schemes that we would recommend. Many of them will take you to an app that you can download to your phone or tablet. 


Bible Study

Here are a couple of links to webpages that will help you study the Bible on your own. We should also stress that studying the Bible is best with other people. Why not consider joining a connect group?

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Screenshot 2023-06-15 at 17.48.48.png

We recently did the Bible course here at St Laurence. Follow this link for more resources to help you study the Bible.


Most Christians feel guilty about evangelism. That's because most of the people who teach about evangelism are evangelists, meaning they overestimate what the average Christian is capable of. Below are a couple of resources. The first is a link to a CPAS questionnaire which will help you discern whether you are an evangelist. The other two resources are designed with non-evangelists in mind. Firstly some prayer resources to help you pray. Secondly some exercises to help you reflect on your faith so that when the opportunity arises you will have things to communicate about your faith. 

Evangelist Questionnaire

Click here for a link to the CPAS website. 

Prayer Resources

Download these resources to help you pray. 

Reflection Exercises

Click here to download exercises that you can do in your own time. Do these with no particular intention to share them, but by doing them you will have things to say when the opportunity arises. 

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